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Save battery life: disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Background App Refresh

Having your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Background App refresh switched on in the background is a big drain on battery life.

Apart from the screen, one of the biggest drains on a mobile phone’s battery life is the energy the phone wastes trying to find and connect to Wi-Fi or data networks, and refreshing your apps. If you’ve ever noticed your battery plummeting while traveling in a car, it’s probably because your device is working overtime to connect to a mobile network as well as look for fresh content on all your apps.

So, when you don’t need those features, switch them off.

Go into your settings and switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, selectively switch off Background App refresh – you don’t need them refreshing all the time! You certainly don’t need ALL of them refreshing ALL the time. (You can manually refresh them.)

Reducing screen brightness and the length of time it takes your phone to go to sleep are also easy ways to extend your battery life.

Thanks for this tip to: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/how-to-improve-battery-life-tips-myths-smartphones

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