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Email Etiquette Guideline – tips on how to manage your email use

Email is a useful means of communication, but incoming emails can feel relentless at times and create a sense of expectation for an immediate response. Technology has enabled people to be contacted at all hours of the day, and we understand that if this is not managed well, a culture can develop where people feel they should be constantly available for work.

People and Culture’s Email Etiquette Guideline is a useful support document based on current email communication best practise. It focuses on minimising email activity outside normal work hours, particularly from the viewpoint of the email receiver. It also sets out some expectations for appropriate email behaviour.

You can find the UC Email Etiquette guideline on the People and Culture Intranet site.

Type Using Macrons

Macrons are an important part of writing te reo Māori accurately. They indicate vowel length. Vowel length can change meaning.

To type a macron, tap the ~ key followed by the vowel that you wish to place a macron above. eg,  ~+a = ā~+A = Ā

Note: the ~ key, or tilde key, is just below the Esc key in the upper left corner of the computer keyboard

Macrons will only work if you have first enabled macrons on the computer or device you wish to use macrons on. To configure your Outlook email to display macrons  consistently you need to set Outlook’s Options to use something called Unicode UTF-8 encoding. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either! Don’t worry, it’s a simple process and here’s how:

PC: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/setting-outlook-use-utf8-32242.html

MAC: Go to your Mac’s Outlook Preferences > Composing. Then look for the label Preferred encoding for new messages and select Unicode (UTF-8).

My colleagues and I have written some other Tech Tips for macrons that you may find useful too: Te tohutō: The macron and how to enable the Māori keyboard Type on an iPad using Macrons with a Bluetooth keyboard Type on an iPhone or iPad using Macrons Type on a Samsung Galaxy S4 using Macrons

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