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New Workshops to support Mental Health

New for 2021 – We are pleased to offer staff access to the Mental Health 101 workshop run by Blueprint for Learning.

MH101® is designed to equip you to recognise, relate and respond to people experiencing distress or those in need of mental health support – both at work and in everyday life. It also provides valuable skills on how to look after your own mental health and wellbeing.

“You don’t tell someone who’s mentally ill or struggling, who’s having a low time in their lives, to harden up, because it doesn’t work,” Sir John Kirwan.

Blueprint for Learning training reflects a philosophy of recovery and empowerment using best practice to help people become full and active members of their communities.

To find out more about dates and times go to the Learning and Development page, or enrol via the Professional Development tile in UCPeople.

Did you know that we regularly run Growing Personal Resilience courses at UC for staff too? Find out more about Growing Personal Resilience course offerings on our Learning and Development page, or register your interest by emailing the Learning and Development team.

Phone Free Day on Campus – 19 March

Phone Free Day – A day to get more out of life by using your phone smarter.

Research suggests that we can improve everything from sleep, relationships, study and work, to wellbeing and stress levels, by changing how and when we use our phones.

Join us for Phone Free Day – even if you just commit to meeting a friend for lunch and not checking your phone.

More info, or to set up your own challenge, www.phonefreeday.org.

Are you familiar with the Staff Code of Conduct?

Are you familiar with the Staff Code of Conduct? UC has high standards of professional behaviour and integrity expected of all members of our University community. These standards are easy to find; they are set out in Staff Code of Conduct and also the Prevention of Harassment and Bullying Policy and the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy. 

Every member of University community has a responsibility to familiarise themselves with these policies.

If you see or experience unacceptable behaviour please speak to your Manager, Department Head and/or HR Advisor, or find more information here Raise a Complaint about Another Person.