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Teaching and learning during lockdown – resources by UC staff

Just taking a moment to share a collection of research articles and blogs by UC staff on T&L during lockdown – some of these have just been released online.  

Brown, C., Datt, A., Forbes, D., Gedera, D., Hartnett, M. (2021) Report: University students online learning experiences in COVID-times.

Journal publications:
Clarke, J. & Munro D. (2020) Student experiences of online learning due to Covid-19. New Zealand Annual Review of Education 26. 130-140
Munro D. & Clarke, J. (2020). Best practices for supporting student experiential learning in an online environment during emergency situations. New Zealand Annual Review of Education 26. 141-152

Blogs/ News articles:
Dabner, N. 2020. I ‘C’ you … communication, community, connectedness and co-construction within the context of tertiary education responses to COVID-19. ASCILITE Technology Enhanced Learning Blog.
Brown, C., Datt, A., Forbes, D., Gedera,D., Hartnett, M., Alfonso, C., and Mohamed, Z. (2020) Student experiences of online learning in COVID-times. ASCILITE Technology Enhanced Learning Blog.
Brown, C. (2020) What do students need in the age of lockdown learning. The Conversation

Thanks to Associate Professor Cheryl Brown for compiling this list. 

3 Years of Learning and Teaching at UC

With the closing of the UCount 2021 survey last week, we’re happy to write that that brand new data is already accessible to all UC staff in the Learning & Teaching Dashboard (opens new tab)!

Using the Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching (opens new tab), students provide feedback on the learning & teaching they experience at UC. Respondents consider their overall educational experience, course structure and relevance, engagement inside and outside of courses, and quality of learner resources, like physical spaces and course materials, and more. Individual items within the focus area categories undergo calculations to derive the respondents’ overall “percent positive” scores.

Ako Marake have used these QILT Learning & Teaching Indicators in the UCount survey since 2019. We now have 3-year trendlines for the focus areas, all of which can be “sliced and diced” to show your cohort of interest, whether it be a specific programme, subject, or ethnicity.

Over 12,000 respondents comprise the trends presented below:

line graph trends of UC Learning and teaching

In nearly all focus areas,  percent positive scores have reached or surpassed pre-COVID scores in 2019.

Have a look at the brand new data, and explore all of the new features in this dashboard (see this blog post for reference)(opens new tab).

If you would like, a member of the Ako Marake ESI team would be happy to come talk with you and your team about these data; reach out to Ellie and Elyse at surveys@canterbury.ac.nz with any questions or comments.


Teaching Quality in a COVID World

Have you ever wondered how students rate the quality of teaching they experience?

UCount survey results revealed that 89% of respondents rated teaching quality positively, an increase on 2019 results.

2020 was undoubtedly a year to remember – particularly for students who had to rapidly adjust to online learning during lockdown.  For staff, delivering curriculum completely online with minimal warning was also no mean feat.

Each year Ako Marake | Evaluation and Student Insights (ESI) surveys students, gaining valuable feedback on academic and non-academic life at UC.

Using the Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching, students provide feedback on the teaching quality they experience at UC. Respondents consider course structure and relevance, whether feedback on their work improved their learning, and whether they were intellectually stimulated. These, and other measures,  provide a deeper view of teaching quality within programmes.

Despite all of the challenges presented by COVID in 2020, students rated the quality of teaching across UC higher than in 2019, with 89% of students rating teaching quality positively.

You can check out how students in your programme or department rated their learning experience,  resources, and engagement with their studies (and more!) in the ESI Learning and Teaching dashboard here. The dashboards make it easy for UC staff members to “slice and dice” cohorts of interest.

To access, you must be a UC staff member. If you are on Windows, we recommend using Google Chrome. If you are on a Mac, please use Safari.

For any questions, or if you would like ESI to come speak to your team about this dashboard and others, please email Ellie Kay and Elyse Thompson at surveys@canterbury.ac.nz.