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Tap CTRL to Locate your Mouse Pointer

Have you ever been in the situation where someone is showing you something on their computer, clicking menus and settings, but you can’t see where their mouse is? This is the solution, so you don’t cause other people the same problem!

Tapping the Ctrl key (on your keyboard) will show the location of your mouse pointer.

(But if it’s not working for you, I explain below what to do.)

This is useful any time you are demonstrating something on a computer – you could be sharing your screen on a Zoom call and pointing out parts of a picture or diagram…. or explaining which menus or buttons to click… or you could be running a training session or demonstration – or you could simply be having trouble locating your mouse pointer when you move it from one monitor screen to another.

Try it now. Tap your Ctrl/Control key while watching your mouse pointer: a series of circles should appear briefly around your mouse pointer each time you tap the Ctrl key.

If it is not working, there is a setting for it that you need to switch on: (there is a picture below if you don’t like reading instructions; if you can’t read it properly use Ctrl+scroll to zoom)

  1. Click the Search magnifying glass at the bottom left corner of your monitor screen (next to the Windows/Start button).  If you don’t have the Search magnifying glass, click the Windows/Start button and scroll down to Search (and while you’re there right-click the word “Search” and select More and then Pin to Taskbar – so that it is always on your Taskbar).
  2. In the Search box type Mouse pointer
  3. Click Change how the mouse pointer looks when it’s moving
    – the Mouse Properties dialogue box displays
  4. Click the Pointer Options tab
  5. At the bottom of the dialogue box, ensure there is a tick in the checkbox Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key
  6. Click the OK button

Dialogue boxes showing the Windows Search box and Mouse Pointer options

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