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Take part in Smart Seeds Christchurch 2021

UC, in partnership with GHD, will be hosting the 2021 Smart Seeds Christchurch Showcase in the Haere-Roa building.

The Smart Seeds initiative is a 10-week design-led innovation program, developed by GHD, that focuses on generating fresh ideas to tackle complex challenges, and to create lasting community benefit in today’s rapidly changing world.

The program starts on 27 January when GHD, UC and community partners will gather to determine what this year’s challenges will be. At this hui we will discuss what are the pressing issues that we want participants to engage in. We encourage all UC staff that have a passion for understanding and solving complex issues facing our community to participate and share their input at this hui.

Once challenges are decided teams of emerging leaders from around the region are assigned to tackle the problems and come up with solutions. These teams are supported by mentors with expertise and experience. Again, any UC staff who wish to act as a mentor are encouraged to get in touch with Grahame Burgess (grahame.burgess@canterbury.ac.nz). 

Smart Seeds seeks to empower emerging leaders to co-create integrated solutions to complex challenges. Smart Seeds is held in 12 cities across the globe with more than 1,500 industry leaders inspired to enable change in our communities. To achieve this requires collective insights, diversity, creativity, agility and leadership.

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The Smart Seeds program is mentored by industry professionals, and provides a collaborative environment to make diverse connections and influence change across organisations and communities.

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