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Self-Compassion Course

The Psychology Centre is offering an 8-week group course aimed at teaching skills and providing support to build self-compassion and self-esteem. Research has found that Self-Compassion focused therapy is effective in managing stress and anxiety, as well as regulating moods and improving overall mental well-being.  Self-compassion involves being aware of and bringing kindness to our experiences of pain and suffering. It also means bringing an accepting attitude to difficulties, acknowledging them as hard but normal human experiences.

For further information about the course, or to register, please visit our website here or email The Psychology Centre at psychclinic@canterbury.ac.nz.

Supporting students at the start of Semester 1

As we get ready for the start of Semester 1, here are a few handy tools and resources to share with students as they start their journey at UC, or return to campus after the summer break. 

For new students 

For all students

  • Download the UCGO app or bookmark it on their desktop browser to have access to everything they need, including email, timetable, library and security
  • Build on their skills with Semester 1 courses at Te Pokapū Pūkenga Ako | Academic Skills Centre
  • If students are feeling overwhelmed, lonely or need someone to talk to, Atawhai Ākonga | Student Care can provide practice guidance and advice on anything from budgeting, confidence building and decision making
  • Students can raise concerns about harmful or inappropriate behaviour, on or off campus, by making a formal complaint or reporting it anonymously online. 

Find out more with the Support Services on Campus Referral Guide here>

Email Etiquette Guideline – tips on how to manage your email use

Email is a useful means of communication, but incoming emails can feel relentless at times and create a sense of expectation for an immediate response. Technology has enabled people to be contacted at all hours of the day, and we understand that if this is not managed well, a culture can develop where people feel they should be constantly available for work.

People and Culture’s Email Etiquette Guideline is a useful support document based on current email communication best practise. It focuses on minimising email activity outside normal work hours, particularly from the viewpoint of the email receiver. It also sets out some expectations for appropriate email behaviour.

You can find the UC Email Etiquette guideline on the People and Culture Intranet site.