Campus sanitisation programme: Friday 28 – Sun 30 January

To protect the health & safety of UC staff, students and visitors,  Logistics and Operations will carry out a sanitisation program this weekend.  Please make sure all areas are kept as clear as possible, put away any eating/drinking utensils and turn off any electrical/computer equipment where able to do so.  This will enable the team to ensure a thorough sanitisation of the areas is carried out. 

You can read the sanitisation timetable by clicking on the image below: 

Areas that will be concentrated on are:  Corridors, Common areas, Tutorial/Lecture rooms and Kitchen areas.  Offices will not be cleaned as they are sanitised everyday by cleaning staff. 

There is a three hour shutdown period and there will be no entry into the building  for this duration once sanitisation has been carried out. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Paul Cooper.  

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