How to wear your face mask safely

Following the government’s decision to tighten the rules on face masks this week, now’s a good time to double check you’re wearing your mask correctly. 

Take a look at this handy how-to guide, including how to clean or dispose your mask, here> 

Wearing masks at UC
Unless you’re exempt from wearing a face mask, these must be worn indoors in all areas of UC that are open to the public and by all  students attending formal teaching and learning activities.

The requirement does not apply outdoors, or to students working in offices/spaces that are not open to the public. However, even if you do not work in a public-facing role, we strongly encourage you to wear a face mask while you’re on campus to protect yourself and others from Covid-19.

Masks can be disposed of in the dark green bins that have mask disposal signage on them around campus.

When you need to wear a surgical mask
Under the current government rules, you’ll need to wear a surgical grade mask (e.g. disposable blue surgical mask or N95 masks) if there is a government mandate to be vaccinated in your role i.e providing a health service or education (school placement).

If you’re in doubt, check with your course coordinator or contact 

Keep up-to-date with the latest UC info on the UC Covid-19 webpage here> 

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