Melissa Macleod – Ilam Campus Gallery Exhibition

The first exhibition at Ilam Campus Gallery for 2022 opens this week on Friday 25th February!

What better way to bring the first week of Term 1 to a close than heading to Melissa Macleod’s stunning exhibition title Pig Face, Hare’s Tail and the New Day. 

About the Exhibition:

Research for the Olivia Spencer Bower Award (2021) ‘Flower Fields’, pivoted on investigation into local flora, exploring the use of this as a living sculptural material. Particular focus over this time was on the Gazania (New Day,) that grow on the local verges and dunes of our eastern Christchurch communities. At the core of this investigation was the inherently hardy and adaptive qualities of these coastal species, and how they speak of place.

How would it be to create a large scale monument to New Brighton, bright yellow flowering, that is temporal and evolving? How to navigate the challenges around public work of this genre? And what of using a non native species; the place of the ‘invasive’? This specific project remains unrealised and ongoing.

Pig Face, Hare’s Tail and the New Day presents a performative arm of this research; recording the often slow and methodical process of seed collecting. Like trapping ghosts, here we witness the harvest of New Days. The work offers a small window into a year of walking and foraging, of knowing local terrain- an escape of sorts.

About the Artist

Melissa Macleod lives in New Brighton, Ōtautahi Christchurch. An interdisciplinary artist, she has exhibited in numerous galleries, and has been the recipient of multiple accolades over recent years. Currently her work is a part of Te Wheke, at The Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu, Christchurch, and she was the 2021 recipient of the Olivia Spencer Bower Award. She is represented by the Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch.

Macleod’s recent work often examines her close environment (the eastern Christchurch coastal community in which she lives); addressing the marginalization of this area, and responding to current environmental impacts. 

 Outstretched hand holds a collection of feathers in front of a grass background

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