Hidden treasures on campus

How often do you take time to appreciate the cool spots around UC? We have a beautiful campus, and with autumn here there’s a lot admire. 

Our wellbeing coordinator Timothy Rowe took a wander around campus and found some great spots to enjoy: 

The first hidden treasure was by Te Ao Mārama, in the awa | river, where there are some tuna | eels. Consider taking some time to visit and watch the eels swim, under the rushing water. 

Longfin eels are considered a tonga, an important cultural treasure for Māori and need to be respected. When visiting it is important to instil the appropriate level of respect and care for them. This means please don’t touch the eels. 

Another hidden treasure is a wall of ivy with a ton of little birds on it on Elsie Locke that is easy to miss and walk by without noticing, but if you stop and pay attention it is a hive of bird activity.  Just another one of those things it’s easy to miss/not know about, but which when you stop and notice is actually pretty cool!

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