Te Ratonga Whaikaha | Student Accessibility Service (TRW | SAS)

We help the one in four students of our students who can identify as disabled.
If you’re enrolled at UC and have a disability, chronic illness, specific learning difficulty, mental health condition or a temporary impairment that affects your ability to study, then please go online and make an appointment to meet an Accessibility Advisor with Te Ratonga Whaikaha | Student Accessibility Service. You can do this at any stage of the academic year.
Te Ratonga Whaikaha | Student Accessibility Service offers a large number of supports to our registered students including:
• Practical support (notetakers)
• Assistive technology (screen reading, voice recognition software, Otter transcription software with ai)
• Information in alternate and accessible formats (electronic, braille)
• Special arrangements for exams (extra time, separate room, reader/writer)
• And a sensible ally to help you negotiate your academic pathway.

Together we’ll ensure that you make the most of your academic year and achieve your academic goals.

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