Māra Kai Workshop – National Volunteer Week

Celebrate National Volunteer Week and Matariki with UC Student Volunteer Army (SVA) and Te Akatoki | UC Māori Students Association.

This coming Tūrei 21 Hune (Tuesday 21 June), the UC SVA are supporting Te Akatoki with a workshop at the Waiutuutu Community Garden. This is part of the Matariki celebrations, building knowledge about harvesting through the star Tupuānuku.

The SVA will support setting up the workshop, and join in to harvest vegetables, make signs for packs that participants take home, and learn about the whetū (star).

Volunteers will be meeting at the Waiutuutu Community Gardens at 8:30am (the workshop itself starts at 9am). Gloves are provided. It will end at 11am at the latest. You can join the volunteering through the SVA app.

Other Te Akatoki Matariki celebrations can be found here. 

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