New scholarships for our 150th birthday

UC is turning 150 next year so we’re planning some great events to celebrate. In 2023 there will be talks, sports, concerts, kai and more. (Look out for announcements from July.) We will also mark this milestone with initiatives to highlight our strengths and honour the support from our community in our 150th year.

To kick-off, in addition to our current scholarship programmes, we are offering new full-fees scholarships for students from South Island schools currently designated as decile 1-7.

There will be two cohorts of Te Kakau a Māui scholarship recipients, with 150 scholars in 2023 and 150 in 2024, who will be supported by Kia Angitu, our student success programme.

With over 80% of scholarship recipients usually coming from schools currently designated as higher decile, and in line with Government plans to focus on equity in education, we want to ensure we provide an education system where all students, regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic status, can succeed. Part of addressing education inequity is about improving opportunities for those students who have been previously under-represented in tertiary education. 

We are looking forward to celebrating 150 years of education that makes a difference and inspires students who might not have thought university as an option, to rethink their future. 

The 150th scholarships have been named Te Kakau a Māui to represent the achievements of Māui and use of the kakau (a handle for multiple tools). Like Māui, many of our students will have to overcome challenges and, much like a kakau, a scholarship is a tool to help students achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Applications for the 2023 Te Kakau a Māui scholarships will be open from 20 June until 15 August 2022.

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2 thoughts on “New scholarships for our 150th birthday”

  1. Students from deciles 6 and 7 schools are already well represented at the University of Canterbury. Deciles 1-5 are hugely under-represented. How can this new scholarship program have a focus on equity when most of the scholarship recipients will come from deciles 6 and 7 (already well represented at UC)?

    1. Thank you for your comment. We value the differences of individuals and want to provide education that is equitable and accessible to all. The Te Kakau a Māui full-fees scholarships are open to all secondary students who are from South Island schools currently designated as decile 1-7, and are on track for university entrance, involved in their communities and committed to creating a better world.

      UC Communications

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