Kia mataara | Think First – Be Light and Bright on your Bike!

Cycling can be a great way to travel all year round (…fuel prices anyone?)

However, with reduced daylight hours and cold or wet weather, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure that you and your bike are prepared for riding this winter season.

Check out our safety tips and stay light, bright and on your bike this winter!


Credit: @cyclista_zine

Bike lights & reflectors

  • Put white front lights and red rear lights on your bike at night and in low light conditions.
  • Wear something bright or colourful – avoid wearing dark clothing, even during the day.
  • Reflective strips on clothing or a bright backpack cover will improve your visibility.

Ride to the conditions

  • Wet weather makes surfaces slippery and always be mindful of ice on the roads
  • Beware of road markings, manhole covers and leaves – try to avoid braking or turning sharply as you cross them
  • Ride slower in wet conditions to keep control, and watch your following distances
  • Maintain a good road position so you can be seen by other road users
  • Pump the brakes gently when going down hills to avoid skidding
  • Mudguards, gloves and a good (and brightly coloured) rain jacket will be your best friends!

Look after your bike (and it’ll look after you!)

  • Check your tyres. Make sure there is good rubber for traction in the wet and there are no cuts or glass in them.
  • Check your brakes work well as they can wear down quicker in wet and dirty conditions.
  • Store your bike under cover.
  • Does your bike need some winter TLC to get it road ready? Bring it along to Dr Bike, our free weekly bike service or check out the RAD Bikes drop in sessions in town.

When you arrive

  • If you love it, lock it! Bike theft is on the rise in Ōtautahi. We recommend using a good quality D Lock to deter potential thieves. Check out the video below and see how different bike locks stack up!
  • Go a step further to protect your bike and register with the world’s largest community-powered bike recovery service, Garage 529. Upon registering, your bike will be included in a secure nationwide database, which makes it easy to report a stolen bike and for Police to return your bike to you if it’s found.

Keen to ride more, or all over it already? You can learn more about the facilities and services available for UC cyclists here.

Happy riding fam! Love, your UC Sustainability Office (follow us for more sustainable student tips on @ucsustain!)

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