We’ve “Sprung forward”, check you’re emergency ready

Daylight saving’s a great time to make sure you’re all set in case of an emergency. Check you’re prepared:

Have you saved UC Security’s number in your phone?
UC Security staff are on campus 24/7, so no matter when you might need to get in touch, someone will always be there to help. Be prepared by saving Security’s number in your phone: 0800 823 637.

You can contact Security if you:

  • notice any suspicious behaviour
  • are lost or need assistance
  • have a medical emergency
  • notice a hazard
  • have an accident or near miss

Are your UCGO push notifications turned on?
The UCGO app brings essential UC tools to your phone. One of these tools is emergency push notifications, as you experienced on Thursday. If you didn’t receive a notification that means you need to head to your settings and get them switched on for the app. Push notifications are only used when there is a campus wide emergency we need you to know about, and could include campus evacuations and lock-down situations.

Have you updated your emergency contacts?
It’s easy to update your details through myUC. Take a moment to jump in there to check the person you’ve listed as your emergency contact is still appropriate and their details are correct. While you’re logged in to myUC you can also check that your own details are up-to-date. Make sure these are correct (especially if you’ve moved recently) in case someone from UC needs to reach out to you.

Do you know where the Emergency Procedures are located around your lectures? 
All departments have an Emergency Procedures flip chart outlining what to do in various types of emergencies. The flip charts are on display throughout the University. If you haven’t seen the flip charts, ask where they are or view the PDF file versions of each page here.

Remember: No smoking or vaping on campus
UC is a smokefree campus, which means you can’t smoke cigarettes or vape on campus grounds, in or near any UC buildings or at any field stations. By respecting the smokefree policy we can all enjoy a healthier place to study, work, socialise and live.

Help point towers
There are 13 help point towers located across campus to provide information any time, and immediate assistance in an emergency. Read more>

The best place to go with all up to date information about UC’s Commitment to Health, Safety and Wellbeing is online here.

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