Winter is Coming! Now that the mornings are darker and the days are colder it’s a great time to start preparing for winter, so here are some top tips.

Getting to, from and around campus

  • If you’re driving allow time for your commute, defrost your windows, be aware of road works and cyclists.
  • Watch out for ice on roads and paths, even road paint can be slippery when wet.
  • Be seen if you’re cycling – use a white/yellow head light and red taillight and wear fluro or reflective clothing.
  • And on the subject of bikes – if you love it, lock it! D bike locks are the best or go one step further and use one of the secure stands on campus. These are electronically accessed, video-surveillance monitored bike parks. Simply swipe your Canterbury Card to get access. Please make sure that you still lock your bike. Secure bike stands can be found at:
      • Engineering (Creyke Road)
      • Behind Central Lecture theatres
      • Meremere (Law)
  • Look up when crossing roads and watch for crowds between lectures.
  • Call UC Security from your phone (0800 823 637) or one of the help towers if you need help or assistance.

Look after yourself

  • Book in for your flu shot at the Health Centre and stay home if you’re sick.
  • Eat well, keep active and make sure you’re getting enough sleep.
  • Make sure your party is a Good One by registering on the Good One Party Register.
  • Remember you’re part of a bigger community than just UC and you have a responsibility to. keep yourself and others around you safe.



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