Learn how to eat well for exams!

Thinking about improving your food habits to help get you through exams? We’ve compiled seven quick, healthy and easy recipes to keep you fuelled. 

Click on an image to view the full recipe:


Want to learn more about the benefits of eating well?

Come to E8 at 10am on June 6 to hear how your nutrition impacts your brain during stressful times like exams and get tips on the best foods to be eating.

A PhD student at the Mental Health and Nutrition Research lab Te Puna Toiora at the University of Canterbury will talk about a series of topics covering the effect of nutrition on mental health, and what students can do to enhance their mental wellbeing during exam period. These topics include the effect of specific foods on mental health, how nutrition affects the brain, and what foods to eat (and not to eat) during stressful times.

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