Be active and discover what’s happening on campus for Mental Health Awareness Month

Welcome to Week 3 of Mental Health Awareness Month at UC (18-22 September), our theme for this week from the Five Ways of Wellbeing is Me Kori Tonu | Be Active 

Unlock the incredible benefits of physical activity for a happier, healthier you. Studies have shown that when we get moving, our bodies release those amazing “feel-good” hormones endorphins, instantly uplifting our mood and boosting feelings of happiness.  Moreover, engaging in regular physical activity reduces stress and anxiety levels, promoting relaxation and enhancing our mental resilience. Being active doesn’t necessarily mean high intensity workouts, do something that is fun for you whether it is walking, cycling, gardening, dancing or other physical activities. 

This week we have a range of event planed to highlight this theme. We encourage you to get involved with what’s happening on campus.

For more information on what is available click here. 

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