UC’s website is changing this November

What you need to know:

  • Go Live Date: 20 NOVEMBER 2023.​
  • Logins will move: From 20 November, your logins will no longer be accessed from the high-level menu on the website. They will move to the Current Students page (see image below).​
  • Web Demonstration: 10 – 3pm Thursday 26 October, Undercroft101 (under the library).​

​UC is updating its website because it can be cluttered and difficult to navigate, and we’d like to give you a more personalised web experience in the future, and our current website cannot deliver this.​

What changes will you see?

  • The new website will have a refreshed look and feel.​
  • The website will have a new structure, and the high-level navigation/menu will be simpler (see above). This means that some content will move location, including the link to Logins. During user testing, current students looked for login info on the Current Students Community page (see above), so we are making sure that logins are as visible as possible on this page. Logins will also be accessible on other pages as well as in the new footer. If you have trouble remembering the new location, feel free to bookmark the page.​

​The Web Demonstration will be a drop-in session for you to see the new website and ask any questions.​

10.00am – 3.00pm
Thursday 26 October
Undercroft 101

​If you have any questions/concerns, please email webexperience@canterbury.ac.nz

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