Tackling Failure

The possibility of failing is a part of life we can’t control, but we can work on our attitude towards failure, and the practical steps we can take when it happens. We’ve put together three pieces of advice to help you move forward.

Read some practical tips for the below advice here.

Step one: Deal with the feels 😌

  • be kind to yourself
  • give yourself some time out
  • focus on self-comfort
  • get some exercise or hang out with friends

Step two: Evaluate the situation 🕵️‍♂️

  • do some detective work to find out what went wrong
  • determine what you had control over
  • talk to a classmate
  • talk to course staff

Step three: Make a plan of action 📝

  • think about positive next steps to help improve
  • eg, ask questions in classes and tutorials
  • talk with support staff for their advice
  • reframe how you think about failing

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For other tips you can check out the UC Wellbeing Instagram or the Wellbeing Hub.

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