Do you like creative writing?

If you don’t already know, creative writing allows people to express emotions within a safe environment. It can relieve stress and anxiety, clarify and organise thoughts, and achieve mindfulness. If you have been wanting to start writing or continue to grow your skills, continuing your writing to your wellbeing, creative writing workshops might be for you!

These workshops are focused on a range of topics allowing group discussions to take place as well as writing exercises and self-directed discussion/writing time.

Topics include:

  • Hope
  • Flash fiction and micro fiction
  • Identity
  • Poetry
  • Fear
  • Writing for mental health and wellbeing

The workshops are free and available for all students and any range of ability. They are taking place Mondays during semester 2 (22 July – 7 October) at 2:30pm- 4:30pm in the living room (located beside the UC bookshop).

Please register through the form linked below to reserve a place as spots are limited to 22 students per week.

Registration Link here!

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