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Permanent alcohol ban in Riccarton-Ilam area

Did you know there is a permanent alcohol ban in the Riccarton-Ilam area?

This means you’re not allowed to consume alcohol or carry open containers of alcohol on the streets and in public spaces in the area, including Ilam Road and University Drive.

This alcohol ban is in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A breach of the ban is an offence and the Police will issue an infringement notice (instant fine). 

For more information, and larger map of the Riccarton-Ilam area, see the Christchurch City Council website.  

How to make your party a ‘good one’

It’s not long to go until uni starts! If you’re planning a party, make sure you have a ‘good one’ and register on the Good One party register.

Why register your party
Hosting a party can be a bit overwhelming. By registering your party with Good One, our community Police can help you in making your party successful.

Having the Police on board means they can give you a call, provide advice, help you plan and check in on the night to ensure that everyone is safe and having a good time. Find out more about how it works here.

Benefits of registering with Good One

  1. Party knowing you are safe
  2. Police will get rid of any unwanted guests to keep the good times rolling
  3. Easy chats with Police as they know what’s up