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Covid-19: how to prepare for self-isolating

As Omicron continues to spread across the motu, now’s the time to make sure you’ve got everything you need in case you need to self-isolate.

How to get yourself ready

Food and supplies
Create a plan for yourself or your flat on how you will support each other at home. This might be a “get well kit” or having a mate drop off supplies. It’s a good idea to start buying a few extra items on your next shop.

Take a look at this readiness checklist on the Covid-19 website here>

Teaching and learning
While you’re isolating, take care of yourself and rest. You can catch up on all your lecture recordings on  when you’re feeling better.  You can access all your lectures and course materials online through AKO | LEARN. Here you can find your course calendar, details about assessments, connect with your classmates and read important updates from your course lecturers. Click here to find out more, or contact your course coordinator if you have any questions.

When will I need to self-isolate?
If you’re waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test or you are a positive case, you will need to self-isolate immediately. Please let us know by completing this form so we can support you

A member of the UC Covid-19 welfare team will contact you to discuss any support you may need while you isolate. The more information you share with us, the more informed we can support you.

What to do if you need to self-isolate
Self-isolation can be in your home or suitable alternative accommodation. This could be another house that you have access to, or are provided, that is more suitable for self-isolation than where you usually live.

  • Limit contact with others you live with and wear a face mask indoors if you can’t physically distance 
  • Don’t share items with others 
  • Don’t have visitors in your house 
  • Clean surfaces reguarly, including door handles, light switches and phones
  • Open windows to ventilate the house

How to let people know you’re isolating 
You can print off a poster to pop up on your door to let people know if you’re self-isolating.

Getting ready for Covid-19 and self-isolating can feel a bit overwhelming.  Covid-19 affects us all differently and puts some of us are at higher risk of severe illness. This is a new challenge for many of us, so be kind to yourself and others. Take regular breaks, do things you enjoy and reach out to your friends and whānau to see how they’re doing.

You can take a look at some of UC’s support services here> 

Taking care of you 

  • Practise good hygiene – wash your hands often, and cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Wear a face mask 
  • Get vaccinated. Get your booster
  • Keep physically distanced where possible
  • Stay at home if you’re sick
  • If you develop any Covid-19 symptoms, please arrange to get tested immediately and remain isolated at home or in the accommodation you are staying in. This advice extends to anyone even if they haven’t visited any of the locations of interest. If you’re not sure what you should do, please call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice.

Top tips for using the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier

Covid 19

Having trouble with the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier? Here are some tips to help you on your way. 

I am unable to scan the QR Code from My Vaccine Pass, what should I do?
This is due to the quality of the QR Code image. Try creating a better-quality image of the QR Code or take a photo and try to scan again.  If the quality of the image is low the scanner might not be able to recognise the QR Code.

My Vaccine Pass is not verified when I use the QR Code file upload option, what should I do?
Check that you are uploading the My Vaccine Pass pdf file provided by the Ministry of Health or a screenshot of the QR Code from the My Vaccine Pass pdf file. 


  • If using a screenshot of the QR Code, the file must be .pdf, .png, .jpeg or .jpg format.
  • Check the Upload tips on the Qr Code file upload section for image quality examples.
  • Check that your internet browser security settings allow the browser to access files on your device.

I have tried the scan/upload options for the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier but I am still unable to provide my vaccine pass details, what should I do?
Please email your My Vaccine Pass to

Students who have already given us their vaccine pass – please note that we will manually verify your account.

I have emailed My Vaccine Pass to the email indicated on the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier, what happens next?
Students who have provided their My Vaccine Pass via email to will have their pass manually verified into our system.

I clicked on the email link to the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier but it isn’t working, what do I do?
Please go to to access the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier

I am a pre-enrolled student and cannot access the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier, what should I do?
You may not be able to access the login to upload your vaccine pass because you may not have a UC IT account.  Please complete your enrolment and when you have been issued a UC email address, please try again.

My friend or colleague has asked me to upload their My Vaccine Pass, what should I do?
Access to the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier is only available for staff and students with a UC login account.  You are not able to use your session to scan/upload another person’s vaccine pass.  Students must be enrolled to have a UC login account.   

Will I need to update the information that UC holds if I get an updated My Vaccine Pass?
Yes. When you get an updated My Vaccine Pass from the Ministry of Health, please visit the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier at  and scan or upload the new Pass.

An incorrect verification status is displayed when I scan/upload my pass, what should I do?
Please email the details of the incorrect verification to so that we can investigate.

I accidentally chose the wrong option, what do I do?
Return to the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier at and submit your response.

The data we collect will be based on your most recent response. 

I want to change my response, what do I do?
Return to the UC Vaccine Pass Verifier at and submit your response.

The data we collect will be based on your most recent response. 

Where do I get My Vaccine Pass?
Visit the NZ Ministry of Health website and request My Vaccine Pass.

I am using the Firefox internet browser but I am unable to scan or upload My Vaccine Pass, what should I do?
Please try using another browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

I don’t have a My Vaccine Pass or do not wish to disclose my vaccine status, who can I discuss my study options with?
If you have already emailed asking for assistance, someone will be in contact. 

If you have questions about the Vaccine Pass Verifier process, please contact – please use the following links for course advice: 

First year student: Please contact Kaitoko Student Advisors –

Continuing student: Please contact Faculty Student Advisors –

UCGO – the app with all the tools you need to succeed


To help you on your journey here at UC, download the UCGO app! You’ll have access to all the tools you need to learn, explore and stay well at UC.

Download UCGO from the App Store and Google Play or bookmark it on your browser now. 

It’s easy to use and gives you access to a lot of your personal UC accounts too. Log in using your student ID and password to access your student email, AKO | LEARN and Library accounts. You can see what’s happening on social media and and take a look at UC support services if you need some advice. You can also see your personal class timetable and use maps to find where your classes are all from the app.

If you were at UC last year, you may notice that UCGO has been revamped to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Download UCGO from the App Store and Google Play or bookmark it on your browser now. 

See all the tools and find more about UCGO here>