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Applications for Pōhā Iti bursaries open until 3 June

UC has re-established a bursary that was first made available in 2020 to provide assistance to students experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19. Named Pōhā Iti, the monetary value of the bursary is up to $3,000 for students who meet the eligibility criteria.

A pōhā is a kelp bag that was used traditionally (and is still used today) for preserving meat and birds such as tītī (muttonbird) for extended periods of time. Just as a pōhā can hold several birds at once, but we only take them out one bird at a time as we need sustenance, this financial support provides an opportunity for ākonga (students) to receive incremental payments over time in order to help sustain them in their studies.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled as students
  • Be studying either part or full time
  • Be a domestic student (Undergrad, Postgrad, PhD) or an international doctoral student studying towards a PhD or equivalent
  • Be currently in New Zealand
  • Demonstrate that you need financial assistance as a result of COVID-19

For more information about Pōhā Iti and the button to apply, please follow this link. Applications for the bursary will remain open until 3 June.

For information about the full range of other financial support options available at UC, please visit the financial assistance webpage.


Qualtrics Survey Accounts – UC’s License

Do you need to do a survey for a course? Were you told to “just make an account on Qualtrics” and been left to figure out what that means? 

With Term 2 underway, we wanted to highlight UC’s Qualtrics Survey Platform license! We’ve noticed that a lot of students have accidentally been creating accounts on the regular ol’, which technically you can do, but we don’t advise it. A free account is very limited in its capabilities, and even limits how many survey responses you can collect and analyse – yuck! It’s also more challenging to collaborate with other students or UC staff. 

The best thing to do is to make an account on UC’s Qualtrics Platform from the beginning. 

Go to, click “Don’t have an account?, ” enter your UC email address, and the access code of UCQualtrics1. Note that since Qualtrics is not owned by UC, your UC username and password will not work by default.  

Check out the screenshots below. 


You’ll then be sent an email to verify your identity; once that is done, you’re good to go! 


If you’re having any issues with creating an account, please email the ESI Survey team at and we will be happy to help you out. 


How do I make sure I’ve created my account under UC’s Qualtrics license?

Once you are logged into your Qualtrics account, select the account icon in the top right corner. Beneath your name, it will say where your account is affiliated; if it says the University of Canterbury, your account is within the UC Qualtrics license. If it says Qualtrics Sharing or QTrial, this indicates your account was made as a free account on a generic Qualtrics webpage and is not affiliated with UC.

We will not be able to increase permissions, and we do not recommend surveying from this free account, as you will have issues extracting data and sending out multiple survey mailings.


Erm… I accidentally created a free account on regular Qualtrics… What can I do?

 If you created a free Qualtrics account on, we cannot increase permissions or provide access to features that you would have under the UC Qualtrics license. But don’t worry! This happens all the time. We recommend that you initiate a User Move by contacting Qualtrics 24/7 Support at +64 9 887 3168 or by logging in at for support.

Please also contact the ESU Survey team as system administrators at as Qualtrics needs to verify your right to access the UC licence.

A Qualtrics User Move can take anywhere from a few days, to several weeks, so we recommend initiating this process as soon as possible, as we cannot speed up this process at UC’s end.


What do I do if I need further help?

If you have any questions about what Qualtrics can do or need specific help, you can:

  • Talk to a Qualtrics Support Team member via the Support Portal (opens new window)
    • You can choose a phone call, live chat (when available), or email support (learn more here)
  • or contact

OpenAthens – Exporting Ebook Central bookshelves

The upcoming switch to the new OpenAthens authentication system for Ebook Central will include a new personal account, linked to your institutional credentials. This means any personal accounts currently in use will no longer be accessible.

If you make use of the Bookshelf feature you can export your content to an Excel file list, allowing you to populate your new account when you log in with OpenAthens authentication. You can also export any annotations you have made to your saved books.

How to save your bookshelf contents before an authentication change is a short article demonstrating how to export both your books and annotations.

This process will need to be completed by the end of May, before OpenAthens authentication is switched on for OpenAthens.