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UC O-Week Event: FREE TALK – Kate Sheppard, the Christchurch Changemaker

The freedoms and privileges we enjoy in Aotearoa New Zealand today are possible because of the hardworking, pioneering kiwi women in our colonial history.

Learn how Kate Sheppard worked from her home at 83 Clyde Road and led the campaign to get women the vote in 1893.

Be inspired by our history and discover that despite humble beginnings, anyone with passion and determination can become a leader… and YOU too, can become a changemaker!

Come along to the Kate Sheppard House this Saturday at 2pm for a public talk, free for students.  

Check out the event and book your spot here

UC Libraries: 10 Things Every Student Needs to Know


  1. There are 3 Libraries on campus                                                            Puaka-James Hight (Central) Library (PJH) has collections to support Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Business and Economics, Education, Music and Fine Arts. Engineering and Physical Sciences Library (EPS) supports Engineering, Forestry, Sciences, and Antarctic Studies. Macmillan Brown Library (MB) holds cultural heritage collections which reflect UC’s place in Aotearoa, the Pacific, and beyond.
  2. Te Rua Makerspace is a creative space FREE for all UC students Located on level 2 Puaka-James Hight, this space offers 3D printing, sticker making, sewing, badge making and much more! Take a relaxed study break or learn something new. Sign up for one of our weekly workshops, join in for crafternoon, or chat to the team to learn how to co-host an event.
  3. The Libraries have copies of your textbooks                                              They’re free to use and you can find them by entering your course code in the search box.
  4. The Library has a special search engine for finding academic articles, books, eBooks and online video to help you with your assignments! It’s called: MultiSearch
    MultiSearch is like Google but without all the blogposts, business websites and conspiracy theories. The Library catalogue can help with your search as well.
  5. There’s a Librarian who specialises in your subject                                They’ll work with you to find the information you need and help get your referencing  right. See your subject guide and book an appointment.
  6. Computers, printers and study spaces in the Libraries are for you to use                                                                                                                        And the Libraries are open till late.
  7. The Library is online                                                                                                  Log into your My Library Account, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, use Learn, get instant answers to your questions with AskLIVE, join interactive online workshops, and get familiar with our website.
  8. All students are invited to explore our internationally renowned heritage collections                                                                                            They’re unique to Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific. Visit the Macmillan Brown Library to see for yourself.
  9. Manaakitanga: Caring for people, is at the heart of everything we do                                                                                                                        Whatever your ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, religion or taste, there’s a place for you in the Libraries. Together we’ll create a supportive environment to help you achieve your potential.
  10. There is a page on our website dedicated to updates about COVID-19 for the Libraries
    Please familiarise yourself with all updates.
PJH Library
EPS Library
MB Library

Internship Opportunities available for Semester 1! Earn 30 points while gaining experience!

The PACE Internship Programme have exciting opportunities for Semester 1 where organisations are keen to have students get involved!

Students that take a PACE course consistently tell us internships are a great way to put into practice what their degree has taught them, developing their employability skills and most importantly, building their confidence in the workplace.

The PACE Internship Programme offers courses where students not only spend time with a local business or organisation, but also focusses on your personal and professional development. Talk to us now to find out if this could be the right opportunity for you- PACE395 and PACE495 offered this coming semester.

CompanyProjectStudent background and skills
Environment Canterbury (ECAN)Develop employee training material
  • Communications
  • Psychology
  • Human Resource Management


Fire and Emergency (FENZ)Research and report:

  • Fire education signage effectiveness for the general public
  • Benefits and improvements to community engagement (FENZ/police)
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Interest in research and writing
Christchurch City Council (CCC)Coordinating the intern development programme
  • Psychology
  • Human Resources Management


UNICEFResearch and report:

  • Exploring Children & Youth voices are measured and policy decisions reflect that
  • Data generation in support of The Children’s Convention Monitoring Group report
  • Policy
  • Interest in research and writing
  • Strong communication skills
Plains FMLots of opportunities:

  •  Interviewing people in business


  • Marketing
  • Media and Communications
  • Writing
  • Maori and Indigenous Studies
  • Interest in radio/ media / podcasts
  • Digital
Christchurch Methodist MissionCarbon baseline audit for their environmental sustainability policy.
  • Interest in sustainability
  • Research writing
Barrer and CoWriting, researching, and data analysis for trust and grant applications
  • Writing
  • Interest in the not-for profit sector
Wander WeekendMarketing, writing and research for a start-up business
  • Marketing
  • Media and communications
  • Business background
Ministry of EducationResearch:

  • Impact of poverty on family harm (domestic & international)
  • Rangatahi risk indicators
  • Sustainable development of landfills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Research and writing
CHCH EnviroHubOpportunities in website development, social media marketing, and networking opportunities
  • Media and communications
  • Interest in sustainability
  • Writing and story telling
Consulate of TanzaniaResearch opportunities
  • Interested in International relations
  • Interested in research
  • Virtual internship
CultivateSupporting social media and marketing
  • Marketing
  • Media and communications
  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Interest in social enterprise
Christchurch City CouncilPhotographic prints collection archiving and cataloguing for the Christchurch Star Newspaper
  • History
  • Classics
  • Interest in archiving and cataloguing

If you are interested in an internship but would be interested in exploring ideas, get in touch.

Please get in contact with or fill in the application form to be involved in one of these exciting opportunities for semester 1 – they are great for the CV!