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Get it sorted ♻

From 1 February 2024, new national standards to kerbside bin collections are in place, which means a consistent approach to how we sort recycling, organics and rubbish across Aotearoa New Zealand.

The new national standards have bought about some changes to what is accepted in what bin on UC campus.

Some of the key changes include:

  • Pizza boxes now go into recycling (not organics)
  • Tea bags now go into landfill (not organics)
  • Soiled paper and dirty napkins now go into landfill
  • All types of takeaway packaging (whether marked ‘compostable’ or not) must go into landfill. This includes coffee cups.

All staff and students can make a difference by sorting their waste correctly to minimise the contamination of our waste streams.

For example, it is extremely important that all food, food scraps and organic material are placed in the green organics bin, and not in the red landfill bins.

Want to reduce your waste to landfill? Same! Keep an eye out on here and on our social media for some inspiration for how you can get creative, save some money, and have fun while reducing your waste footprint at the same time.

Learn more about waste management and minimisation at UC here.

Free pizza at the Community Garden Open Day!

Te Ngaki o Waiutuutu (Waiutuutu Community Garden) is having an open day, and you’re invited!

This is a great opportunity to explore and learn about UC’s beautiful community garden, meet some like-minded people, and be the first to learn about our upcoming workshops. We’ll be firing up the rocket oven to make some yummy pizzas, along with sharing some other yummy kai. 🍕

Drop in between 12pm – 2pm on Friday 23 February.

Our garden is located just off Engineering Road, along the Waiutuutu stream pathway. Learn more and see a map for how to find the garden here.

Save the Facebook event so you don’t forget!

Donate blood with UC!

The University of Canterbury is teamed up with the New Zealand Blood Service to embark on a remarkable journey – the Team Red Challenge! This collaboration allows us to make a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals in need while showcasing our unwavering spirit of giving and community support.

🩸 What is the Team Red Challenge? 🩸
The Team Red Challenge is a unique initiative that encourages organisations like ours to actively participate in blood, plasma, and platelet donations. By becoming part of Team Red, our contributions will be tallied under the University of Canterbury’s name, setting us on a mission to save lives and make a difference.

🏆 How to Participate 🏆
Log in at (or download the app and tap menu)
Click ‘My Team’
In ‘Team Name’ field, search for ‘University of Canterbury’
Click link my donations / join team!
The University of Canterbury is proud to host a Mobile Blood Drive on February 22nd, and March 5th. Be a part of this lifesaving event, where every donation can make a significant impact on someone’s life.

Even if you can’t donate on the day of, all of your past and future donations will come under the University of Canterbury.

Why Donate?
Every donation can save up to three lives.
Blood is vital for surgeries, cancer treatments, and various medical emergencies.
Your gesture of kindness can bring hope and relief to patients and their families.

The NZ Blood Service’s team of medical professionals and volunteers will be on-site to guide you through the donation process. Rest assured, the entire procedure is safe, sterile, and comfortable. Afterward, you’ll receive snacks and refreshments and a heartfelt thank-you.

To ensure the safety of both donors and recipients, please remember the following criteria:
Be in good health and feeling well on the day of donation.
Meet the minimum weight and age requirements (typically 18 years or older, though exceptions apply).
Bring a valid ID or donor card.

Encourage your friends to participate in this noble cause. Let’s unite as a community to make this blood drive a resounding success! #ucnow #ucpeople #wellbeing