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Summer project for biodegradable predator lures and traps

Apply for this summer project on biodegradable predator lures and traps, $6k tax free summer project by 15 Dec. Keep your summer lifestyle – this project can be done remotely..

This project is funded by UC Biosecurity Innovations. 

Leaf and plastic
Biodegradable filament

Carry out a literature search on biodegradable materials/filaments such as hydrogels and/or bioplastics (PHA family, Cellulose acetate).

Ideally you are interested in chemical product formulation and want to go on to further study in this exciting field. Or you may be  great at literature searches and have a good understanding of chemistry. Or perhaps you can’t wait to reduce plastics in the environment.

Joint work between the School of Product Design (SoPD) and the Department of Conservation (DoC) prototyped long life lures made of polyolefins (LDPE/HDPE/PP). This is not ideal for remote field work.

Long term, we want a lure and trap to target the “last 5%” of mammalian predators following large scale mammalian predator control in remote areas.

The aim is to develop a lure or trap so that they may become “set-and-forget” devices which will break down in the field, eliminating the need for removal. This will be especially important in  conservation areas and in  difficult and/or dangerous terrain.

This work  will provide a proof of concept for a future Masters. After the initial basic formulation development there is potential for  fluid encapsulation design and/or  novel designs of solid or semisolids as well as field trials,

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UC ranks 11th globally for Sustainable Education

If you’re studying the Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability, or any of UC’s other innovative sustainability-focused qualifications, then you’ll know this already: UC is doing really well in Sustainable Education.

Yes, we have been ranked 11th in the world in Sustainable Education, ahead of some of the world’s leading universities.

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Students say nope to plastic water bottles

Are you one of the 460+ students who had their say on plastic water bottles on campus?

Get ‘em gone! According to the recent UCSA survey, students strongly support the idea of banning single use plastic bottles (SUPB) of campus.

According to the recent UCSA survey, 369 respondents said they often bring their own bottle to campus, 331 ‘never’ purchase bottled water on campus and 113 ‘rarely’ do. From this sample, 73% of students try to reduce plastic consumption in other areas of their lives too.

So, let’s see it in action! We’re challenging students and staff to ditch SUPB this week as part of Recycling Week and make the most of the refill stations on campus.

Not sure where to refill? Check out this reel showing our favourite cold tap locations, plus enter the competition over @ucsustain to go in the draw to win a stainless-steel drink bottle to keep you hydrated for the last week of term!

The survey was conducted as part of UC’s waste minimisation strategy to identify barriers to reducing SUPB, and waste more generally, on campus. UC’s Waste Plan aims to reduce all SUPB on campus by 20% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

Check out the UC story on Recycling Week and the staff and student team behind the recent survey here.