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Summer project for biodegradable predator lures and traps

Apply for this summer project on biodegradable predator lures and traps, $6k tax free summer project by 15 Dec. Keep your summer lifestyle – this project can be done remotely..

This project is funded by UC Biosecurity Innovations. 

Leaf and plastic
Biodegradable filament

Carry out a literature search on biodegradable materials/filaments such as hydrogels and/or bioplastics (PHA family, Cellulose acetate).

Ideally you are interested in chemical product formulation and want to go on to further study in this exciting field. Or you may be  great at literature searches and have a good understanding of chemistry. Or perhaps you can’t wait to reduce plastics in the environment.

Joint work between the School of Product Design (SoPD) and the Department of Conservation (DoC) prototyped long life lures made of polyolefins (LDPE/HDPE/PP). This is not ideal for remote field work.

Long term, we want a lure and trap to target the “last 5%” of mammalian predators following large scale mammalian predator control in remote areas.

The aim is to develop a lure or trap so that they may become “set-and-forget” devices which will break down in the field, eliminating the need for removal. This will be especially important in  conservation areas and in  difficult and/or dangerous terrain.

This work  will provide a proof of concept for a future Masters. After the initial basic formulation development there is potential for  fluid encapsulation design and/or  novel designs of solid or semisolids as well as field trials,

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Summer scholarship

Be in quick for summer scholarship doing online research with UC Biosecurity Innovations and the School of Product design.

Over 10 weeks (yes, you get summer holidays) this 6K scholarship researches how biodegradable filaments/inks could be used to encase liquids, solids and semi solids.

Leaf and plastic
Biodegradable filament

How exciting is that?

If you have your own computer and can link in to the University services, you can keep your lifestyle and work remotely.

You will

  1. Carry out online research.

2. Clearly summarise key technical points from scientific papers.

3. Discuss how biodegradable filaments/inks e.g. hydrogels and bioplastics (PHA family, cellulose acetate) have been used in commercial markets.

4. Identify market gaps.

5 Write an excellent  report.

You may have an interest in any (or all) of the following

  • 3D printing
  • chemistry
  • chemical process engineering
  • biodegradable plastics filame
  • market research

Apply by the second week of December 2022.

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Strike action, Thursday 6 October

The TEU, PSA and E tū unions have advised us of their intention to strike on Thursday 6 October from 1pm to 3pm.

We anticipate some teaching and learning activities during this time may be impacted and, although striking staff are not obliged to do so, have asked them to advise students of any impact via AKO | LEARN.

The University of Canterbury bargaining team believes the talks at UC have been constructive and we will continue the dialogue that aims to address the issues that are relevant to UC staff.