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Get a gym programme for just $10 and learn how to gym!

Are you a bit unsure what to do in, or how to use the equipment at the gym?  You’re not alone! There are lots of ways you can get started at the gym, and for a limited time, you can even grab a personalised programme for just $10!   Why not do a mid-semester fitness reset? 

Fitness Centre women using upper body machine weights

Intro Sessions 

We offer small group Intro to the Gym and Intro to Lifting sessions, both bookable via the Rec&Sport app.  These are free, and you can come to as many as you need until you feel confident with what to do /how to lift safely.    Look out for our women’s only sessions on the app, or check out the times on this timetable.   What’s the difference in these sessions?

Intro to the Gym
We’ll show you how to download your own free programme via the app,  and how to use it, including the handy videos.   It may include a tour of the gym (if you want one), and we will show you how to use the cardio equipment and some basic weights to get you started. 

Intro to Lifting 
We’ll head into the Women’s Gym (yes, this becomes a mixed zone for these supervised sessions) to teach you the basics of how to squat, deadlift and benchpress (the primary lifts) with lighter weights.   

Fitness Consultations 

We have qualified and experienced Fitness Consultants who are excited to help you find your best gym workout.   Why get a programme?   

  • Save time  (the biggest barrier to exercise for almost everyone!) 
  • Stay focussed (do the right things for your body and your goals) 
  • Have a plan (stay focussed and just get it done!) 


  • Grab a $10 Fitness Consult (usually $40) and get a personalised gym programme  
  • Purchase between Saturday 3 June and Sunday 19 June, 2023 
  • You must use your session by Sunday 27 August, 2023   
    (you can book online now, via the app, by selecting the PT60 option, and just make sure you pop into the gym to pay by 19 June) 
  • You can see our website for more info 

Ngā mihi 
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport 



Maintain your gains and save time at the gym during exams

With exams approaching, you may feel like all you should be doing is preparing. But taking a break is important! If you value having time at the gym, UC Rec&Sport has some advice on how you can still fit in a decent workout:

If you’re training hard at the gym but are feeling the time pinch, did you know you can modify your workouts for the short term without any significant loss to your goals? 

Use it or lose it?

While it’s true ‘use it or lose it’, it’s also true that you can reduce the time you spend training, to maintain where you got to, and not go backwards!  How? 

Maintain Intensity 

Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it at the same intensity.   So, when you turn up for a workout, really show up! Give it your all and feel like a hero. 

Reduce frequency or volume 

As long as you keep it intense, you can reduce your volume or frequency by up to 2/3, and maintain your gains.      What does that mean?   If you workout 6x week, you could drop it to 2 -4 workouts for a short period (like up to 4 weeks) and you shouldn’t see too much change.   

Alternatively, you could reduce the number of exercises you do in each workout to same some time.  So, if it’s leg day, and you usually perform 6 exercise for your legs, you could drop it down to 2 ‘bang for buck’ exercises (compound stuff like squats and lunges) and all will be good.  

If you’re more into cardio (like running/walking/swimming), then simply reduce the time spent by up to 2/3 for each session. 

Don’t forget  to keep up the intensity!  That is key.     
Good luck with your exams everyone.

Ngā mihi
 Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport

Study Week Yoga and Coffee Combo

 UCSA and UC Rec&Sport invite you to kickstart your day with a yoga and coffee combo during Study Week! 

Poster advertising yoga and coffee class

Early morning yoga with a coffee kick

Join us on Wednesday 7th June at 7am for an all levels yoga class in Ti Kouka at Haere-roa | UCSA, followed by a barista coffee (or tea if you fancy) in The Foundry.    

It’s free, but its helps us if you register via the UC Rec&Sport app

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this session is suitable for all levels. No prior experience is necessary; just bring your mat, an open mind, and a willingness to embrace tranquillity and self-care.  There will be a limited number of mats available to borrow if you don’t have your own.  

Make time for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of study week. All attendees are invited to the Foundry (next door) after the class to grab a free barista coffee or tea on us. Kickstart your day the best way!