Kia mataara | Think First – staying safe on campus

Welcome to Semester 2! There’s lots of people back on campus, so here’s a wee checklist to keep yourself safe when you’re out and about.  

Keep an eye on your surroundings
It’s easy to put your head down and quickly check your phone while you’re on the move, so make sure to check where you’re going, or who might be coming towards you. Watch out for crowds in between lectures and look up when you’re crossing roads. 

Save UC Security’s number in your phone – 0800 823 637
The Security team is on campus 24/7, and they’re the people to contact if you:

  • want to report suspicious behaviour
  • want to report a hazard
  • are lost and aren’t sure exactly where you are on campus
  • have an accident or near miss
  • are injured or have a medical emergency.

 Call Security on Te Ara Pourewa o Ngāi Tahu | UC Help Point Towers
Have you spotted the Help Towers on campus? There are 13 in total, and you can use them to quickly call Security – push the black button for information and the red button in an emergency.

Keep your emergency contact details up-to-date
Take a minute to log into myUC and check if the person you’ve listed as your emergency contact is still correct.


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Assyst has been replaced by UC Services Portal

A couple of weeks ago, you might have seen an update that Assyst is being replaced w

ith UC Services Portal. It’s been a busy time of year (with all those exams and assignments) so you might have missed it – check it out here>

Kia mataara | Think First – party safely

Got some great parties coming up? Things can get out of hand sometimes, check out some of the tips below to keep you and your mates safe.

Register your party with Good One
Sometimes no matter how much planning you put in, parties can go bad. This is where the Good One Party Register comes in.

It’s a big thing: thousands of UC, Lincoln, and Ara students register parties on it every year. Once you’ve filled in the party details, you’ll be contacted by the Police beforehand to run through some safety basics. And if something does go wrong, you’ve got their support. Find out more>

Be a good neighbour
Keep bottles in the bin and off the ground and crank the bass down a notch or two, your neighbours will thank you 😊  

Understand sexual consent
A person consents to sexual activity if they do it actively, freely, voluntarily and consciously without being pressured into it. Learn more about sexual consent here>

Secure your things and lock up your flat
Keep your valuable items hidden away, and double check you’ve locked your flat if you’re heading out.


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