Student Services Levy 2023

The Student Services Levy (SSL) is a fee that all uni students pay to help fund the cost of delivering support services and facilities for students, which are not covered by tuition fees. 

Every year we ask you which services you want to keep going, change or improve in the UCount survey – you can take a look at this year’s feedback here.

These results help UC decide how to allocate SLL funds for the following year.

SSL costs  

The SSL is calculated on the number of points you are enrolled in per academic year, capped at a maximum of 150 points.  From 1 January 2023 the rate (for study in 2023) is $8.27 per academic point. You can find out more here> 

UC student services funded by SSL: 

  • Subsidised health services and counselling, including Te Whare Hauora | Health Centre and UCSA Dental 
  • Student advocacy and support services
  • Careers, internships and employment services
  • RecCentre membership
  • University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA)
  • Student events, including Orientation
  • Māori student development and support
  • Pasifika student development and support
  • Development of student spaces

Based on your feedback, this is how the SSL budget has been allocated for 2023: 

NZ – Luxembourg working holiday scheme

Have you heard? New Zealanders aged between 18-30 can apply for an 12-month working holiday visa for Luxembourg. Awesome eh? 

The work and holiday program provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to explore a partner country while working short term and casual jobs to help fund your trip.

Some fun Luxembourg facts: 

  • It’s the second smallest of the EU states after Malta
  • It’s the third most successful country at the Eurovision Song Contest, winning five times
  • It’s the second-richest country in the world 
  • It has the highest minumum wage in the EU 

So many reasons to apply! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity! 

See here for more details: Luxembourg | New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (

Fantastic fulltime job in biosecurity

Do you want a fantastic fulltime job in biosecurity?

Are you into engineering, plastics, design, 3D printing, CAD and product development? Are you interested in conservation?

Envico Technologies in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, works nationally and internationally with leaders in conservation to eradicate introduced animals from remote islands.

Supported by Predator Free 2050 and UC Biosecurity Innovations, EnvicoTech invites your expressions of interest to improve an aspect of the spitfire devices, prototype and test it, then identify a manufacturer to produce it.

Find out more and get in touch!

To protect our unique flora and fauna, EnvicoTech have made 3 different “spitfires” for control of stoats, possums and rats.

Possum spitfire EnvicoTech

Rodent spitfire Envicotech

Stoat spitfire Envicotech

The “Spitfires”  are a long-life targeted-toxin delivery device for remote locations.  A sensor detects the target animal based on physical features.  Once the target  is detected,  a  dose of liquid toxin is sprayed onto their fur. The device then resets. The animal ingests the poison when it grooms and is humanely killed.


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