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The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Students is here to support you

The Code (formally known as the  Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021) supports the wellbeing and safety of all students. It covers topics like physical safety and inclusion, access to advice and support services, physical and mental health support, support for transition into and out of university study, student accommodation requirements, and having opportunities for students to have their voices heard. 

Student with disabilities still face barriers at uni, such as accessibility issues on campus or ableist attitudes from other students or members of staff.  The Code helps disabled students and their whānau to hold their university accountable, to ensure that they can access the support services they need. 

If you have any concerns about your wellbeing and safety at UC, you should discuss these in with Student CareUCSA, or UC’s Grievance Coordinator

Find out more about the Code at UC here

Feeling alone? Not sure who to talk to? Atawhai Ākonga | Student Care is here to help

Falling behind in your studies? Having problems with your landlord? Homesick, or feeling like it’s all a bit of a struggle? Atawhai Ākonga | Student Care is your support team. The service is free to access and available to all UC students, including off campus (distance) students.

The Student Care Advisors can talk you through your situation, help your figure out your options and work out the best way forward. 

Student Care can help with: 

  • Getting started at UC, such as finding your way around or figuring out transportation
  • Challenges and concerns, like accomodation and financial issues 
  • International student support, like understanding NZ culture and intercultural communication
  • Getting on top of things, like juggling commitments or managing the impact of mental illness 
  • Help understanding UC, like supporting you through a UC process or advice on how to appeal a decision. 
How to speak to a Student Care Advisor 

To speak to one of the team, you can book an online or phone appointment here, email studentcare@canterbury.ac.nz, ring 03 369 3388 or drop in to see if someone is free. You can find them in the Undercroft (Puaka James Hight), just next to Kool Zone (a couple of doors down from the Uni Pharmacy).


Kia mataara | Think First – winter wellness

Winter can be tough. It’s cold, the days are short, and it can be hard to motivate yourself to stay active–sometimes you just want to eat some comfort food, curl up on the sofa and switch Netflix on. However you’re feeling, here’s five ways to help get yourself through the winter staying healthy and well:

Wear a face mask
Keep wearing a face mask when out and about. They’ve been clearly shown to reduce the spread of the viruses and is a simple way to keep yourself and others safe. 

Stay home if you’re sick
If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, or have any respiratory symptoms, the best thing to do is stay at home. Going to that party this weekend might be tempting, but you could pass the virus to your friends and whānau. Stay home, and make sure you and your mates are well enough to enjoy what winter has to offer.

Get your shots – and not just for Covid-19
Get your MMR, Covid-19 and flu vaccinations. 

  • check out the Covid-19 and MMT vaccination clinic on campus here
  • check out the flu vaccination clinic on campus here> 

Eat your veggies
It seems obvious, but eating healthily, staying active and getting enough sleep really does helps. It will help you feel good about yourself, have more energy and stay well. Try bulk cooking hearty meals, like soups and stews, and buying seasonal veggies. Read more>

We know that grocery shopping isn’t cheap at the moment. Try planning your meals in advance, sticking to your shopping list and keeping an eye on the specials to make your money go further. Check out more tips here

Covid-19 support
With Covid-19 cases increasing in NZ, there is support for you here if you are sick or need to isolate as a Household Contact. Whether you need study-related or financial support, or simply need some help to get groceries, a friendly staff member at UC will follow-up to get you the support you need. Please let us know by completing this form so we can support you.