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How the Education Code of Practice can support you

The Code (formally known as The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021) sets out the responsibilities of tertiary education providers, like UC, in promoting and supporting your education, wellbeing and development. 

The Code outlines the general pastoral care of students, and has specific support for students living in student accommodation. 

UC should be helping you to feel safe (physically and mentally), supported, connected and able to have your say. If you feel your needs aren’t being met, you should firstly talk to one of the support services at UC. If you want to take your complaint further, you can contact NZQA

Taking care of you during exam season

At a time where you’re focusing so much on your studies, it’s important to look after yourself too. Check out these tips to help you stay well during exam season: 

  • Rest and recharge. Aim for 8 hours sleep a night – this will help you to stay focused, energised and reduce feelings of stress
  • Eat well when you’re studying. Eat breakfast, avoid skipping meals and have healthy snacks. Fruit has lots of natural sugars that provide clean energy, and vegetables are packed with nutrients. Eating healthily will improve your concentration and reduce stress. It’s a no brainer!
  • Take regular breaks and do something you enjoy – this could be going for a 10 minute walk or chatting to a friend. Spending time away from your laptop and books can refresh your mind and leave you feeling relaxed
  • If you feel worried, there are people and support services here to help you. It’s always a good idea to reach out – you can speak to a friend or family member, form a supportive study group or speak to your lecturer.  

Support here at UC

Not matter how you’re feeling, you are not alone. There are support services here to help you manage your wellbeing at UC: 

If you need someone to talk to about anything at all – if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, worried or just not sure what to do next, speak to one of the advisors at Atawhai Ākonga | Student Care. The service is completely confidential, and the advisors can talk with you about your situation, help you to figure out your options, and work out the best way forward.

Te Whare Hauora | UC Health Centre is here to help you stay healthy and well. They have full medical and counselling services available, which are free when you register with the Health Centre and have a community services card

if you’re ākonga Māori, UC Māori provide manaaki atu, manaaki mai – pastoral care, support and guidance, while connecting into Māori culture and community at UC. 

The Pacific Development team are here to support pacific students. The friendly Advisors can give pastoral care advice and help on anything that’s affecting you. Pasifika mentors are also on hand to provide guidance on anything you need. 

Rainbow students can connect in with the Rainbow Advisor for advice and a safe space to chat about anything on your mind. 

Sometimes the stresses of life can affect our mood and wellbeing. Check out Te Pae Oranga | Wellbeing Hub for information, resources and support on a heap of different topics including managing examsmental wellbeing and anxiety & stress. It’s everything you need in one handy place. 

You can can access these services through UCGO, the official UC app with all the tools you need to succeed. 


Special Consideration for students with flu

Have you been poorly with flu (influenza) recently? Has it been impacting your studies? If you’re struggling to complete your assessments if, there is support here for you at UC. 

If you’ve had flu or been unwell with flu-like symptoms, you can apply for either: 

  1. Extension of Time to complete your assignments, tests and exams. An Application for an Extension of Time should be made directly to your lecturer, course supervisor or via your Department/School process. You’ll need to supply supporting documentation with your application. OR 
  2. A Special Consideration for either impairment or absence in relation to an assessment item. You’ll need to upload your supporting documentation when you make the application.

When applying, you’ll need to: 

  • provide supporting medical evidence, such as the UC Medical Certificate completed by the UC Health Centre or your Health provider; or
  • complete an Influenza Declaration Form (valid for a limited time only). 

You can find out more here>