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Get your meningococcal vaccinations at the UC Health Centre

Meningococcal disease is an infection caused by bacteria, which can lead to two serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses –  meningitis (an infection of the brain membranes) and septicaemia (blood poisoning). It can develop in just a few hours.

The infection is spread in a similar way to the common cold – by coughing, sneezing, kissing or from contact with saliva – including through sharing cups, glasses and drink bottles. Young adults living closely with others are at high risk.

Protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated. 

There are two vaccines available and Te Whare Hauora
 Health Centre strongly recommends students have both vaccines for optimal protection.

  • Menactra or Nimenrix, protects against strains A, C, W and Y meningococcal disease (one dose) and is free for all domestic students up to 25 years who live in halls of residence
  • Bexsero protects against strain B meningococcal disease (two doses required).

Contact your GP for more information or Te Whare Hauora | Health Centre. More information about vaccinations here and meningococcal disease is available here.

Please wear a face mask when you visit the Health Centre. 

Covid-19 welfare support

UC provides welfare support for students who Covid-19 positive cases. If this includes you, we would appreciate you filling out the form below. A member of the UC Covid-19 welfare team will contact you to discuss any support you may need while you isolate. The more information you share with us, the better we can support you. 

If you test positive for Covid-19 

Please complete this form so we can support you – https://ucsafety.assurasoftware.net/Default.aspx. The Assura form is easiest to complete on a laptop or desktop computer.

Here’s a bit more info about the support available to UC students: 

  • Welfare calls – when you register your Covid positive status on Assura, the UC welfare team will give you a call to check in with you and see how the University can support you best during their isolation.
  • Kai/groceries – if you need some groceries or support accessing kai during your isolation period, please let us know when you complete the Assura self-report.
  • Winter Warmth Power Fund – this subsidy is designed to support you stay warm and dry over their seven day isolation period. you’ll need to register on Assura and your criteria will be assessed, and if accepted, the payment will be made directly to your power provider.
  • Academic support – we recommend you inform your course coordinator/lecturer if your Covid positive status is likely to impact your ability to complete course work, and that you work with them to navigate this.
  • Special Consideration – you can apply for a Special Consideration on Covid-19 grounds. You will need to provide evidence of sickness/illness and details of what evidence is required can be found here. When you fill out the Assura self-report you will be sent an automatic email response, and this can be used as evidence in the special consideration process.

You can find out more about this support on the UC website here> 

Wellbeing services 

It’s important tolook after yourself and others in these times, so check out the online wellbeing hub where there’s a wealth of handy information covering anxiety and stress and mind and body

Here are just a few of the other support services available across UC, Ōtautahi and Aotearoa New Zealand:

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