The UCeLab has collaborated on e-learning related project across New Zealand and beyond.

Currently our researchers are involved in

  • National Science Challenge: E Tipu e Rea – A Better Start. Growing up in a digital world, particularly the “Emergent bilingualism in a digital world” project funded by the Ministry of Business and Innovation (Niki Davis, Una Cunningham, Leona Harris, Saili Aukuso,  Lia de Vocht, Jeanette King, Lesieli Tongati’o and Kai-arahi Pasifika Leali’ie’e Tufulasi Taleni).
  • Distance students engagement in blended and online learning – funded by the CoEHHD Learning and Teaching committee (Cheryl Brown, Valerie Sotardi, William Vidal, Niki Davis).
  • Research and evaluation of innovative postgraduate initial teacher education. Five interlinked innovations include a flipped class approach – Aotearoa New Zealand Ministry of Education (Letotia Fickel, Niki Davis)
  • Model Learning Environment (MLE) – U.S. Department of State Federal Assistance Award SNZ 960-14-GR141 (Billy O’Steen, Niki Davis)

Past Projects

Background paper 1 to advance the global data collection of information and communication technology (ICT) in education statistics in the post-2015 WSIS context –  UNESCO Institute of Statistics. Niki Davis In collaboration with Peter Twining (UK OU) & Amina Charania (Tata Trusts, India).

Extending innovative leadership to enable e-learning for better student outcomes in primary schools – – National TLRI project managed by NZCER. Julie Mackey, Niki Davis, in collaboration with Carolyn Stuart, Tawa Intermediate School and the Network for Learning.

DEANZ 2016 scenario guide to effective tertiary education in New Zealand – Ako Aotearoa. Niki Davis in collaboration with Dr Andrew Higgins & the DEANZ Association.

Enhancing first-year student success through self-assessment of digital capability plus self-directed learning – UC Teaching Development Grant. Julie Mackey, Nicki Dabner.

e-Learning for Adults with Literacy and Numeracy Needs – Ministry of Education (Tertiary Branch). Niki Davis, Jo Fletcher

Illustrations for the Learning Communities Online Handbook Matrix – Ministry of Education, Niki Davis, in collaboration with M. Barbour (Wayne State University, USA), Derek Wenmoth (Core, NZ) and DEANZ Association.

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