Repair or rebuild?

This might be the ultimate crystal ball question. Based on our experience, we would certainly advise not to do large-scale repairs without a very thorough understanding of the costs and issues involved.

Health and safety: Managing construction on a working campus

We successfully operated a major construction programme within a live campus. At the height of the rebuild, more than 45% of campus was under construction with five sites managed by different contractors, and all the usual work of a university going on around them. This required innovative health and safety management strategies.

New challenges, new people

You will almost certainly need to invest in additional skills to deliver a significant capital works programme. Appropriately skilled people will be in demand, and everyone will be dealing with their own personal disaster recovery experience.

Central Government: A key partner

Our relationship with Central Government was critical to our success, but it took time for them to become confident that we could manage the magnitude of the task ahead. A stronger pre-existing support network might have allowed us to move forward more quickly.

The business case is for the long haul, not just to secure funding

Business cases were prepared for each of the UC Futures projects, using the Better Business Case model adopted by the NZ Government. They were a prerequisite for Government funding, and this had the potential to drive a focus on up-front costs. But business cases can’t be just about getting the build budget approved. They need to be a reliable foundation for project delivery, and that requires an accurate reflection of scope.