About UniVoice


This is a time of change and opportunity. The University of Canterbury is transitioning from the sustained emergency of the earthquakes that devastated Christchurch. Now though, students are returning, new buildings are coming on-line, and a renewed sense of confidence and purpose seems ready to emerge. This is the ideal moment to reaffirm community, to re-engage staff and students, and to foster productive discussion. Uni-Voice is a space for this, for us to share our views and experiences, and for us to consider how best to realize the university’s goals of excellence in teaching and research, and its function as critic and conscience of society.

What is Uni-Voice?

Inspired by the idea of open discussion about the university, its challenges, and future possibilities, a group of academics from across the university came together to kick-start a community conversation. Uni-Voice is an ongoing forum for people prepared to make a difference; for the university, and for other people. Uni-Voice is a portal and repository for online discussion and presentations which we hope will spill-out into the cafes, corridors, and offices of our campus.  Uni-Voice is asking members of the university community to write blogs and record vlogs. Uni-Voice is planning to conduct a short, qualitative survey to solicit views on what people like, don’t like, and hope for in their institution. Uni-Voice recognizes untapped insight and expertise among the university community that can help us reinvigorate our working culture, solve our institutional problems, and imagine future pathways. Uni-Voice is for staff, students, and alumni. Uni-Voice is the space for you to have your say.