Engaging with UniVoice

Uni-Voice is a space for all of us to openly engage in critical discussion and free expression. It’s a space to share our hopes, our pride, our concerns, and our experiences. It’s a space where we can raise questions, celebrate achievements, and consider possibilities. But it is not a place for ranting, abuse and offensiveness, for casting blame or engaging in any kind of trolling or harassing behaviour. Please also do not make untrue statements about individuals which are damaging to their reputations (defamation) and do not breach the privacy of individuals by disclosing intimate personal information about them.
However, within these very basic rules, please participate fully while being professional and respectful to each other! We know you know how to do this already, but just wanted to include a few helpful pointers.
Now is the time to engage! If you would like to submit something written or recorded, please write to univoice@canterbury.ac.nz