Meeting Updates

The Leaf cluster meets at first Wednesday of every month. Follow this space for details on our upcoming meetings and resources/links to our past meetings.


August Lightning Talks

The next meeting will consist of a series of lightning talks and will be held on August 5 at 11 a.m. at Rehua Te Moana nui a Kiwa 226

  1. Chery Brown – digital education/digital citizenship
  2. Kathryn MacCallum – digital education/STEAM
  3. Sriparna Saha – digital storytelling and disaster resilience
  4. Sam Hampton – Geopark in the Banks peninsula
  5. Ed Challies – water governance and environmental justice

Links to the session will be posted after the meeting.

Past Meetings

July Lightning Talks

  1. Michelle LaRue – GIS/Satellite imagery
  2. Travis HortonWhale tracking
  3. Billy O’Stein: Community Engagement
  4. Heide LukoschGaming
  5. Bronwyn Hayward – Ecological citizenship.

Emergent discussion points:

  1. Co-construction of projects that have multiple learning outcomes.
  2. Towards learning experiences that empower students to create curiosity-driven online learning experiences.
  3. Incorporating academic engagement, critical reflections, and citizenship within learning experiences.
  4. Connected learning that can empower learners through engagement.