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How my MBA Project created an opportunity to change lives for young people in state care

Vaughan Broderick tells the story of how he developed an app to change the lives of young people.

International Business Negotiations In Multi-Cultural Environments

"This course enhanced my skill set for survival and success in a complex and changing world." - Matthew Cowan, UC MBA student

The value of consulting during the MBA

"Making the decision to change the course of my career was my first big challenge. The second, was embarking on my MBA with the University of Canterbury. This is a reflection on my MBA journey and the significance of the skills I developed when completing the final consulting project." Love Joshi, MBA graduate 2021 …. Both pursuing an MBA and then having...

Can We Communicate Ourselves to a Better World?

By Professor Ekant Veer The University of Florida’s Centre for Public Interest Communications seems to think so and they discussed this at their recent ‘frank’ gathering in Gainesville, Florida. The Centre’s Director, Prof. Ann Christiano, and Director of Programs, Ellen Nodine, visited Christchurch in October of 2019 to work with the city and UC on developing communications programs and practices...

A Life-changing Trip: A Student’s Journey to China

by Jules Haus I had the honour and pleasure to spend five and a half weeks in China as part of the MGMT228 programme. Prior to this trip I had never been to China. I was nervous but excited to spend nearly six weeks ingrained in China’s day to day life and feel like living like a Chinese local. The...

UC Economist Publishes New Edition of Well-Received Book on Monetary Policy

Alfred Guender
Optimal Monetary Policy under Uncertainty (second edition) links previous and current research of monetary policymaking, offering a valuable resource to new and established researchers. The book traces the development of monetary policy analysis over the past 50 years. The first edition (2007) of the book received favourable reviews that saw it become a staple resource in research libraries and central banks...
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