Learning for the Professions’ Development Group

Our objectives

We are a trans-disciplinary research group, with the common objective of conducting research that will improve the value of services provided by members of the professions.

We are particularly interested in ensuring that professionals have the knowledge and skills to make a more effective difference in transdisciplinary teams tackling the big issues of our times.

Our research themes

We are focused, at least initially, on the chartered and registered professions that have foundational university degrees. This scope has been selected because of the clearer pathway to partnership and impact, and the need for a sharp initial focus. 

  1. Professions in society
  2. Preparing for the professions
  3. Transitioning into professional life
  4. Being a professional
  5. Staying current as a professional
  6. Professional collaborations
  7. Becoming a teacher of the profession

Research methods

The cluster is not committed to any particular set of methods or methodologies. We represent a wide variety of disciplines, each with their own methods, epistemologies and ontologies. As a cluster, we are committed to letting the research question drive the methodologies, and a commitment of each cluster member to be open to, and learning about ways of knowing and doing that may be unfamiliar to them, recognising that each way of knowing and doing can provide valuable insights into the question under study. As a cluster, we are a learning organisation about the professions and transdisciplinarity, as well as researchers in those areas.