Prof Mark Milke Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

A/Prof Annelies Kamp Collaborative leadership; transitions from education to employment; social learning systems. Educational Studies & Leadership

A/Prof Enda Crossin Engineering practice; engineering management Electrical and Computer Engineering

A/Prof Erik Brogt Academic and professional development; Tertiary teaching and learning Deputy Vice-Chancellors Office

A/Prof Cathy Andrew Work integrated learning, interprofessional learning, competence assessment Health Sciences

Dr Shanee Barraclough Health Sciences

Prof Eileen Britt Psychology, Speech and Hearing

Prof Ursula Cheer Law

Dr Yvonne Crichton-Hill Human Services and Social Work

Dr Lisa Emerson Health Sciences

A/Prof Matthias Galster Software engineering development principles, processes, practices and techniques; non-technical skills assessment and development; productive and diverse teams; continuous education and training; design decision making and reasoning Computer Science and Software Engineering

Dr Isabel Jamieson Health Sciences

A/Prof Joana Kuntz Psychology, Speech and Hearing

Prof Jane Maidment Social work education; field education; work integrated learning; interdisciplinary teamwork; experiential learning Human Services and Social Work

A/Prof Laura-Lee McLay Health Sciences

Prof Annette Mills Accounting and Information Systems

Prof Tanja Mitrovic Computer Science and Software Engineering

A/Prof Dirk Pons Mechanical Engineering

A/Prof Misty Sato Teacher Education

Prof Lynne TaylorLegal education Law

Ms Gina Tillard Psychology, Speech and Hearing

Dr Raewyn Tudor Social work field education, Work integrated learning, inter-professional learning, community engagement Human Services and Social Work

Dr Julia WuAccounting education, using case studies, work integrated learning, professionalism Accounting and Information Systems