Instructions for Authors

Is the topic of your paper interesting, your data appropriate and your analysis carefully done, but your results are not “sexy”? If so, please consider submitting your paper to SURE. An e-journal of high-quality research with “unsurprising”/confirmatory findings.

How does it work:

  • We accept papers from all fields of Economics…
  • Which have been rejected at a journal indexed in EconLit…
  • With the ONLY important reason being that their results are statistically insignificant or otherwise “unsurprising”.

To document that your paper meets the above eligibility criteria, please send us all referee reports and letters from the editor from the journal where your paper has been rejected. Two independent referees will read these reports along with your paper and evaluate whether: 1. the paper is of high quality and 2. the only important reason for rejection was the insignificant/unsurprising nature of the results.  Submission implies that you (the authors) give permission to the SURE editor to contact the editor of the rejecting journal regarding your manuscript.

In the event that SURE editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct relating to a SURE article, including plagiarism, the editors will follow COPE’s guidelines in dealing with the allegation.

Please submit your manuscript and supporting documents by e-mail to: . SURE uses the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) style guidelines (available at:

SURE is a Platinum Open Access journal.  No charges are made for publication, and there are no subscription charges.

SURE is archived at the University of Canterbury and the National Library of New Zealand.