Published Articles

Articles are published individually, straight after a successful completion of the peer review process.

19/01: Huntington-Klein, Nick and Andrew M. Gill. 2019. “An Informational Intervention to Increase Semester Credits in College,” SURE Journal, 19/01,

21/01: Evans, Sally and Peter Siminski. 2021. “The Effect of Outside Temperature on Criminal Court Sentencing Decisions,” SURE Journal, 21/01,

21/02: Tebaldi, Edinaldo and Bruce Elmslie. 2021. “Are Happy Marriages Faithful Marriages? Addressing the Endogeneity Problem,” SURE Journal, 21/02,

21/03: Mangee, Nicholas. 2021. “A New Explanation for Samuelson’s Dictum and the Stock Market: Novel Events and Knightian Uncertainty,” SURE Journal, 21/03,

21/04: Henderson, Jono and Tom Coupé. 2021. “The Impact of Uber on Drunk Driving in New Zealand,” SURE Journal, 21/04,

21/05: Hyslop, Dean and Steven Stillman. 2021. “The Impact of the 2008 Youth Minimum Wage Reform in New Zealand,” SURE Journal, 21/05,

21/06: Colman, Gregory, Karen Smith Conway, and Dhaval Dave. 2021. “Cigarette Smoking, Physical Activity and Time Use,” SURE Journal, 21/06,