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This Saturday is the BIG SCIENCE DAY!

by Nic Bason from ChemSoc

This Saturday is the BIG SCIENCE DAY! This is a free event for all ages run by Science Alive held in Cathedral Square.

ChemSoc Canterbury is taking part, in collaboration with the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, to showcase some amazing and exciting chemistry.

We hope to intrigue members of the public getting them excited about chemistry and science as a whole. Our chemistry show will run twice, 10.15am and 11am, included is an array of riveting reactions featuring fire, explosions, vibrant colours and other awesome chemistry!

Come along and find out what Chemsoc is up to, prepare to be amazed and dazzled with plenty of BANG for your buck.

Royal Society of New Zealand’s 2015 Rutherford Lecture

Going super heavy: the end of the periodic table of elements
Wednesday 26 August, 6pm, C1 lecture theatre, University of Canterbury

This year’s Rutherford Lecture will be delivered by Distinguished Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger (Massey University), a leading chemist and physicist who was awarded the Royal Society of New Zealand’s 2014 Rutherford Medal.

The first periodic table of elements, proposed in 1869, was compiled by arranging the elements in ascending order of atomic weight, grouped by chemical properties. At that time, it was not known how high in atomic weight the elements could go before becoming unstable and decaying. The last decade has seen the production of new elements up to nuclear charge 118 – just how heavy can elements go and what can chemists do with such exotic elements? Where does the periodic table end?

The lecture is free and open to the public but, to ensure a seat, you should register online. You can also find more information here.

Top student in NCEA chemistry chose engineering at UC

Marlborough Boys’ College 2014 dux Piers Landon-Lane has achieved the top result in NCEA chemistry. With $15,000 in scholarships, Landon-Lane has chosen to study engineering at the University of Canterbury.

Landon-Lane, 18, received the top mark in the scholarship chemistry exam, with a superb score of 35 out of 40. He also scored scholarships in physics, calculus and statistics. For each of these subjects Landon-Lane achieved a result in the top three per cent, as well as being in the top 0.3 per cent with his ‘outstanding’ results in chemistry and physics.

The top achiever also received a University of Canterbury Emerging Leaders scholarship, arriving in Christchurch on February 14 to take part in the Emerging Leaders Development Programme retreat. Landon-Lane has settled into Rochester and Rutherford Hall, saying “it’s very good, the facilities are great and it’s a lot of fun.”

Landon-Lane chose to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) rather than a Bachelor of Science, saying “engineering is the course that will satisfy me the most and is where I’ll have the opportunity to have the greatest effect.” He decided to pursue engineering at the University of Canterbury as it’s close to home in Marlborough, and has the best reputation for engineering in New Zealand.

Landon-Lane is very happy with his scholarship gains, saying it will ease a lot of the financial burden of university costs. He also says he is happy to be recognised for his hard work – which he certainly has been, with this feature in The Press.

The new university student is not only excited to start his engineering courses next week, but is also excited for the big events during Orientation Week. He says he has already been to the Foundry opening and the outdoor movie, and has purchased tickets to ‘The Big 4’ events – Colour my Toga, Under the Big Top, Mardi Gras and Summerstein.

To purchase tickets to the events for Orientation Week, visit the Dash Tickets website.

To see the full interview with Landon-Lane, click here.