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Permanent alcohol ban in Riccarton-Ilam area

Did you know there’s a permanent alcohol ban in the Riccarton-Ilam area? 

This means you’re not allowed to consume alcohol or carry open containers of alcohol on the streets and in public spaces in the area, including Ilam Road, Ilam Fields and University Drive.

This alcohol ban is in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A breach of the ban is an offence and the Police will issue an infringement notice (which means an instant fine of up to $250). 

For more info, and larger map of the Riccarton-Ilam area, see the Christchurch City Council website

How to make your party a ‘good one’

It’s not long to go until uni starts! If you’re planning a party, make sure you have a ‘good one’ and register on the Good One party register.

Why register your party with the Police?
Sometimes no matter how much planning you put in, parties can go bad. If this does happen it is much easier for you to get help from the community Police when you know who they are and they know you. 

When you register a party with the police, they might give you a call, offer advice and help you to plan and throw a ‘good one’. Find out more about how it works here>

Student Services Levy 2023

The Student Services Levy (SSL) is a fee that all uni students pay to help fund the cost of delivering support services and facilities for students, which are not covered by tuition fees. 

Every year we ask you which services you want to keep going, change or improve in the UCount survey – you can take a look at this year’s feedback here.

These results help UC decide how to allocate SLL funds for the following year.

SSL costs  

The SSL is calculated on the number of points you are enrolled in per academic year, capped at a maximum of 150 points.  From 1 January 2023 the rate (for study in 2023) is $8.27 per academic point. You can find out more here> 

UC student services funded by SSL: 

  • Subsidised health services and counselling, including Te Whare Hauora | Health Centre and UCSA Dental 
  • Student advocacy and support services
  • Careers, internships and employment services
  • RecCentre membership
  • University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA)
  • Student events, including Orientation
  • Māori student development and support
  • Pasifika student development and support
  • Development of student spaces

Based on your feedback, this is how the SSL budget has been allocated for 2023: