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Get ready for exams with these top study tips

Exams are nearly here! Take a look at some tips below to help you make the most of your study time. You’ve got this. 

1. Organise your study space
Make sure you have a comfortable chair, good lighting and a desk free of distraction. Seems simple, but can make such a difference. 

2. Use a study timetable
Work out how much time you’ll spend studying for each exam. Keep a to-do list of the different tasks you need to do each day – such as different textbook chapters to read and take notes on.

3. Figure out your study style
If you’re a visual learner then things like diagrams, mindmaps, colour coded notes and flashcards may be good learning tools for you.

If you’re a verbal learner you could read your notes out loud, talk to others about what you’ve learnt, listen to voice recordings of your notes and use tools like acronyms or rhymes.

4. Get a study group together
Form a study group so you can revise with others. Try question and answer sessions.

5. Go through your notes
Gather your lecture notes and decide what the most important areas of focus are. Review your notes by reading actively – concentrate on what you are reading. Condense your notes and underline/highlight key terms.

6. Make the most of your resources
Use past exam papers for practice. You can get these from the library, or through your lecturer. These allow you to see what questions are typically asked and what is expected of you.

7. Give yourself a break
Study getting a bit intense? Take regular breaks, get some exercise, eat well and make sure you get some sleep. Research suggests if you keep moving and eating well you will find it easier to concentrate and retain information, so it’s definitely worth making time to take a break.

UC Student Blogger | Mental and physical wellbeing tips during the exam season

Believe it or not, we’re now in October which means that we’re creeping closer towards exam season. I know I’m not the only student who reaches this stage of the semester and forgets about anything outside of getting those last assignments in and studying for exams.

However, during exam season it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re looking after yourself mentally and physically so you’re feeling your best in this stressful time (and not like your brain is about to explode). Not fitting in the little things that improve your life around your study schedule means you run the risk of burning out. So, here’s a few suggestions to help you find that balance, so you can have a super productive and healthy exam season.

Remember to give your brain a break

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt guilty for taking a break because I definitely have. As hard as it can be sometimes to take a break, giving your brain rest is SO important for your wellbeing. The Wellbeing Hub has some great advice and can support your needs from helping to support your study, mental wellbeing, health and fitness as well as all of the great support services on offer to students.

Fit in the things that help you relax

Getting your eyes away from your lecture notes and textbooks and doing something you love during the exam season is so beneficial. This could be anything from playing sport, doing yoga, going for a walk or making the most of the UC RecCentre which is free for UC students and has something for everyone. Hanging out with your mates, reading a book for fun or maybe even just catching up on a bit of sleep can be hugely helpful as well.

Look out for your mates

Your friends are probably feeling the stress of exam season just as much as you are so make sure they’re doing okay. Resources like Student Care are always there if you or a friend are struggling and want to talk to someone that can help.

Ace your exams – check out these top study tips

Want to ace your exams? Check out these top study tips from your UCSA Finance & Engagement Officer Jack Whittam, Equity & Wellbeing Rep Georgie Dibble, and Te Akatoki Rep Tamahou Thoms (Tamahou is also a tutor at Aotahi School of Māori and Indigenous studies).

Their tips cover everything from setting up your study space, to figuring out your learning style , to giving yourself a break!