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New to UC? Here’s how to join the RecCentre for the first time

Welcome to UC! Joining the RecCentre should be one of your top 3 things to do in your first week at UC (but hey, we may be a little biased!) Read on to find out why you should and how you can do it all online.

Post class stretching
Student members stretching post circuit class
Move better. Feel Better. Think Better

It’s a good idea to keep your exercise routine going once you hit Uni.  It will help you physically and mentally, by contributing to better sleep, concentration and retention, and to manage your overall sense of wellbeing (including lowering stress levels!). If you start feeling a little restless, tetchy, hangry or ‘not yourself’, we suggest a little walk, sport or gym session and see if that changes things for you.

Joining the RecCentre because it’s FREE

Well, technically you’ve paid for it with your Student Levy, but we find the word FREE grabs attention pretty well! Basically, you don’t pay anything further for a basic gym membership, but you do need to ‘sign up’ online and download the Rec&Sport app to make the most of your experience with us. Once you’ve paid your levy (with your fees), and have collected your Student ID Card, you can sign up with us NOW.

The steps
  1. Sign up online now. This creates your RecCentre account in our membership database.
  2. Download the Rec&Sport app to your phone. Here you can view the live GF timetable, book/unbook your class, choose a gym programme to follow  at the gym or at home, and get easy access to our YouTube page where we have some saved at-home workouts.
  3. Take a virtual tour of the gym.  Get a look at what’s available at the gym – it’s more than just weights and cardio!

You’ll need your Student ID Card to access the gym. Once  our bot activates your membership (this can take up to 24hours) you’ll simply scan your card at the turnstile to come in. You can still come to the gym, but there will be a delay at the gate whilst our staff check you in and confirm your membership manually.

Top tip: For your first time here, we suggest avoiding peak times. This way you’ll have plenty of space to get the lay of the land and our staff will be more available to help you with any questions.

That’s it! We hope you have great start to your studies, and that you come over and visit us real soon!

Nga mihi, 

Te Ratonga Hākinakina
UC Rec&Sport