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Survey: The future of heritage in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula


What do we want heritage to be, and look like, in 50 years? How can we make that happen?

The Christchurch City Council’s Heritage Team wants to hear what you think as we explore new ways to protect and celebrate our heritage.

Click here to link to the Council’s survey.

The survey is to inform how we create a pathway for heritage in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.  Those who respond will receive a summary of the feedback in July 2017 and information about the decision making process.

Please feel free to forward this email to others who would like to take part in the survey.

For any further questions please email heritage@ccc.govt.nz or phone Heritage Advisor, Suzanne Richmond (03) 941 5383, or Senior Engagement Advisor, Jennie Hamilton (03) 941 5207.